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A podcast by the boutique jewellery brand, Merci Maman, in which our host, Christie Brewington, gets cosy in our London studio with a new guest each week to discuss all things parenthood.

34 Episodes

Ellie Leddy

This week's episode is with Ellie Leddy, from @raisingislamay, on the ups and downs of step-parenting.

08 Jul


Laura Druce

Today we speak remotely with Laura Druce on her experience of baby loss.

01 Jul


Becca Smith

Today we chat remotely with Becca Smith on her role as a midwife and the positivity seen in expectant parents amid the current pandemic.

24 Jun


Sevim Safer

Today we speak with the Owner and Editor of Cherubs Magazine, Sevim, on her experience of paralysis and beating all odds of having twins.

17 Jun


Rosie Davies-Smith

Today we speak with Rosie, founder of PR Dispatch and LSA, on having a newborn baby amid the current coronavirus situation whilst also juggling two businesses.

01 Jun


Jen Liu-Jones

Jen speaks to our host on all things parenting and her experience on redundancy.

27 May


Jean-Michel Ledru

This week we welcome our brand new CEO, Jean-Michel. Our host, Christie, chats remotely with the new addition to the team to get to know him a little better.

20 May


Jess Marshall Pullin

We chat remotely to Jess, mummy to 4 on her experience of prematurity and PTSD.

13 May


Arnaud & Béatrice de Montille

On today's episode, Arnaud & Béatrice explain to us what it's like to be awarded the Queen's Award for the second time.

06 May


Di Langhorn

Today we speak with Di, mum to our very own PR & Marketing Manager, Eve, on hypno-birthing in the midst of the current crisis.

29 Apr


Amy Thomson

We chat with empowerment coach, Amy, on how she helps her clients with anxiety and empowerment.

22 Apr


Lynn Neeves

In honour of International Cesarean Month, Christie remotely interviews her own mum, Lynn, to discuss her experience of having a cesarean.

15 Apr


Jade Green

Today we speak remotely with Jade Green on motherhood and type 1 diabetes @mummagreen_t1d

08 Apr


Farrah Moore

Today, our remote podcast hears our host speak with Farrah Moore on her experience with SIDS.

01 Apr


A Message From Our Founder

Today's episode sees our host, Christie, read out a message from our founder, Arnaud, on the current situation.

25 Mar


Elle Wright

We caught up with Elle from @feathering_the_empty_nest who spoke with us on Teddy's legacy.

18 Mar


Sherry Cheetham

Today in our studio we are joined by one of our very own Merci Maman ambassador's, Sherry and her daughter Emilie, to chat all things Positive Parenting.

11 Mar


Martha Keith

This week, we sit down with Martha Keith, founder of stationery company, Martha Brook, to talk about her leap from the corporate world to her own start-up.

04 Mar


Laura Sibley

This week's topic is fertility treatments, shining a spotlight on Intrauterine Insemination. Laura Sibley chats to us about her and her wife's experience with IUI.

26 Feb


Christine Hafsten

In celebration of our latest collaboration with Cath Kidston, we're at CKHQ with their Design Director, Christine Hafsten, to chat all things print.

19 Feb


Kensington Mums

Today we are in High Street Kensington with the Founder of Kensington Mums, Dina, to discuss with us her journey to creating to the go-to platform for new parents.

12 Feb


Slice & Cupcake Fitness

We are with our neighbours today at Slice & Cupcake Fitness in Fulham to speak with the Studio Managers; Pamela & Rosita, on the well-loved studio.

05 Feb


Siobhan Miller

Our host sits down with Siobhan Miller, founder of The Positive Birth Company, to discuss the myths surrounding hypnobirthing.

29 Jan


Rosey Davidson

Today we're at Aragon House with sleep consultant, Rosey Davidson from instagram @just_chill_mama, who busts some well-known sleep myths in your little ones.

22 Jan


Al & Jen Ferguson

Today we are joined by Al and Jen Ferguson from instagram @itsthefergusons to discuss secondary fertility and recurrent miscarriage.

15 Jan


Louise Webster

We're at Aragon House with Louise Webster, international author and founder of Beyond The School Run, a platform to empower parents.

08 Jan


Jamie Day

We're at Aragon House with Jamie, host of the Man Talk podcast and instagrammer at @dayinthelifedad to talk men's mental health.

17 Dec


Lorna Hayward

The hostess with the mostess, Lorna, chats with us on *that* event, PIZZUP.

11 Dec


Chloe Busby

Chloe, from instagram @lifewiththebusbys, discusses with us the stigma attached to being a stay at home mum and life with 4 at 30.

04 Dec


Aly Vy

This week we sit down to discuss how to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly family with #sustainableliving advocate, Aly Vy, from Instagram @AllMumsTalk.

27 Nov


Rebecca & Dean Stew

This week we are joined by Rebecca & Dean Stew from blog and Instagram, Not Another Mum Group, to talk all things on loneliness in new parents and the benefits of social media.

20 Nov


Caroline Chappell

For our third episode, we welcome blogger & instagrammer, Caroline Chappell from Married & 29ish. Caroline discusses with our host her emotional IVF journey.

13 Nov


Rosie Stockley

Today we speak with founder of Mama Well & Vogue William's personal trainer; Rosie Stockley to discuss all things fitness and wellbeing before and after your pregnancy. We also de-bunk some well heard myths surrounding pre & post natal fitness...

06 Nov


Arnaud de Montille

Arnaud, Founder of Merci Maman, discusses with our host the origins of the brand as it celebrates its 12th year.

21 Oct