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COVID-19 vaccine trials, neurodiversity in focus, and poet in residence

In this edition: A participant in Imperial’s COVID-19 vaccine trial, a professor who set up a neurodiversity network, and our new poet in residence.

22 Jul


Podcast: Vaccine production, safety on public transport, and emerging economies

In this edition: How to make a billion COVID-19 vaccines, why women feel unsafe on public transport, and how emerging economies fare under COVID-19.

22 Jun


Podcast: Britain’s brains, COVID-19 at the GP, and a green economic recovery

In this edition: Britain’s intelligence and mental health, COVID-19’s impact on primary care, and a sustainable economic recovery after the pandemic.

20 May


Podcast: COVID-19 vaccine development, patient data and isolation diaries

In this edition: We hear from researchers working on a COVID-19 vaccine and with patient samples, and how students are coping in isolation.

27 Apr


Podcast: Counting coronavirus, a baby food entrepreneur and designing for Mars

In this edition: We hear from people tracking the spread of COVID-19, making better baby food, and designing for a move to Mars.

18 Mar


Podcast: Coronavirus vaccine, global progress report and fighting racism

In this edition: Join the race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, check in on the Sustainable Development Goals, and discover how to argue with a racist.

21 Feb


Podcast: Drug policy, Australian megafires and London fatbergs

In this edition: We discuss whether drug policy is working, why Australia is experiencing megafires, and what can be done about fatbergs.

21 Jan


Podcast: Baby brains, new Mars quests and preventing pandemics

In this edition: We discover treatments for baby brain injuries, see what’s new on Mars for 2020 and find out how to prevent pandemics.

18 Dec


Podcast: Painkiller prescriptions, climate wellbeing crisis and race science

In this edition: Investigating UK painkiller prescriptions, how the climate crisis affects mental health and the return of race science.

23 Oct


Podcast: Underground, overground, into the clouds

In this edition: We revisit summer expeditions into the caves of Slovenia, along the Silk Road and at Everest base camp.

25 Sep


Podcast: An unsung hero, digital mental health, and acting on patient feedback

In this edition: We explore Sir Ernst Chain’s role in penicillin, apps tackling mental health, and an algorithm making sense of patient feedback.

23 Aug


Podcast: Moon landing special

In this edition: We commemorate 50 years since the Moon landing by looking forward ahead to the future of space travel, medicine and exploration.

24 Jul


Great Exhibition Road Festival 2019

In this edition: We get ready for the Great Exhibition Road Festival by taking a talk quiz, building a mini Theremin, and hearing some scientific spoken-word poetry.

27 Jun


Climate champion, alcohol marketing and stroke rehabilitation

In this edition: Climate champion Jo Haigh retires, and we find out how often kids see alcohol marketing and how a game is helping stroke recovery.

23 May


Why students cheat, 3D printing and rainforest radio

In this edition: We find out why students cheat, how 3D printing has evolved and tune into the sounds of the rainforest.

26 Apr


Entrepreneurship special

In this edition: We mark Imperial Enterprise Month with women entrepreneurs and leaders, plus advice for making businesses playful.

19 Mar


Fake news, safe flights and waiting for Marsquakes

In this edition: How researchers are tracing fake news, what happens when flights stray into the wrong airspace and listening to the interior of Mars.

21 Feb


Smart tattoos, the future of the NHS and next-generation vaccines

In this edition: We meet researchers creating colour-changing tattoos, at the forefront of vaccines, and responding to the new NHS long term plan.

23 Jan


Shopping habits, chocolate fountain maths and genomic medicine

In this edition: How we shop now and in the future, the fluid dynamics of chocolate and how sequencing thousands of genomes is improving medicine.

19 Dec


Remembering 1918

In this edition: We commemorate armistice with a look at Imperial’s war involvement, legacy battlefield injuries, and the Spanish flu epidemic.

21 Nov


Sustainable plastic, academic mental health and science communication

In this edition: Two ways to make plastic more sustainable, Mental Health First Aiders, and the past and future of science communication.

29 Oct


Purging polio, medic mental health and surgical simulations

In this edition: Final efforts to eradicate polio, helping medical students beat depression and practicing surgery on sophisticated fake patients.

20 Sep


Cancer-causing virus, feeding the world and updating The Planets

In this edition: The latest research into a cancer-causing virus, a sustainable agriculture hero turns 80, and The Planets get a scientific update.

23 Aug


Summer science, sparrow songs and the sounds of space

In this edition: science on show at the Royal Society, centuries-long traditions in birdsong, and DJing with the sounds of space.

18 Jul


Retiring legends in music and glass, and misdiagnosing diabetes

In this edition: Looking back on the careers of Imperial’s music director and scientific glassblower, and learning how diabetes can be misdiagnosed.

21 Jun


Feast on the Festival and find out why Eurovision makes countries happy

In this edition: Sampling the delights of the 2018 Imperial Festival and discovering the happiness-boosting powers of the Eurovision Song Contest.

23 May


The science of drumming, Imperial inventions and a lost asteroid crater

In this edition: Keeping beat with the science of drumming, exploring Imperial inventions through the ages, and playing ‘hot or cold’ with asteroids.

18 Apr


The 106-year-old doctor, parent scientists and hearing aid games

In this edition: An immunologist who worked with Alexander Fleming reaches 106, mums put their breast milk to the test and hearing aids get gamified.

26 Mar


The health effects of being poor and cheap solar power

In this edition: How being poor affects health in cities across the world, and how collaborating with Cameroon could help advance cheap solar power.

22 Feb


Making maths connections, spotting fakes and working with your hands


25 Jan


Reporting on climate change, underfloor robots and the latest Fringe

29 Nov


Imperial College Podcast - November 2017

29 Nov