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Crazy Smart Asia lifts the lid on the unexpected stories behind some of Asia’s boldest disruptors. Every week we talk with a young leader about the crazy-smart approaches they’re taking to achieve success and tackle some of the biggest issues facing Asia today.

7 Episodes

Lucy Liu: Redefining the Founder Stereotype

In just a few years, Lucy Liu and her co-founders went from café owners to the founders of a fintech giant with the potential to disrupt the global financial system. But Lucy says she’s always been the unconventional one, eschewing stereotypes and prejudices and only focusing on the work, growing her startup to unicorn status by the age of 28. The idea behind her company Airwallex was simple enough—to use technology to make B2B cross-border payments simpler and cheaper. The execution? Not so straightforward. Lucy talks to Gen.T editor Lee Williamson about how she made that vision a reality, the secret to fundraising, and why people still don’t believe she’s a tech founder.

04 Aug


Noor Mastura: Empowering Communities to Make Change

Social activist Noor Mastura says community is the key to humanity—that the power to change the world is within us all. What’s most surprising about the Singaporean is that unshakable optimism. Noor overcame a tumultuous upbringing and grew up determined to do what she could to ensure that no one suffers the same fate. That’s Noor’s entire ethos: “You can’t change the world, but you can change one person’s entire world.” In this episode, she shares her “handbook for activism” with Gen.T editor Lee Williamson, and discusses everything from suicide to feminism within Islam along the way.

28 Jul


Melati Wijsen: The Teenager Changing the World

What were you doing at the age of 12? Youth activist Melati Wijsen was establishing a grassroots movement that successfully lobbied the world’s second biggest plastic polluter to ban single-use plastic bags. Today, Bye Bye Plastic Bags is a globe-spanning movement with thousands of young members, and Melati has set her sights on a new, more ambitious target. She talks to Gen.T editor Lee Williamson about the power of the youth mindset, how to be heard by the world's most influential people, and why "business as usual" is the real problem.

08 Jul


Cindy Gallop: Porn, Woke-Washing and Sex Tech

Cindy Gallop wants you to talk about sex. More specifically, how hardcore pornography is destroying our ability to have a healthy sexual relationship. The goal of her user-generated sex tape sharing platform, Make Love Not Porn, is to spark a social sexual revolution. Put another way: social sex. Cindy talks to Liz Bacelar, host of the Innovators podcast and co-founder of the Together Group, about #MeToo, fixing the system from the outside and her plans to launch the world’s first sex tech fund.⁣

07 Jul


Sukki Singapora: Changing the World Through Burlesque

Sukki Singapora is Asia's most in-demand burlesque performer. The star of Netflix reality show Singapore Social is also a fierce advocate for women's issues who wields her public persona with purpose. She uses her artform as a tool for female empowerment, flipping its narrative as an act of titillation for the male gaze. In this eye-opening first episode, Sukki talks to Gen.T editor Lee Williamson about defying expectations, Asian representation in Hollywood and how burlesque can change the world.⁣

07 Jul


Trailer: Crazy Smart Asia

Hear highlights from Generation T’s new podcast, Crazy Smart Asia. Host Tamara Lamunière introduces some of the topics we’ll cover and disruptive young leaders we’ll be speaking to in the first season’s eight episodes.

07 Jul


Coming Soon: Crazy Smart Asia

On July 8, Generation T launches a new podcast, Crazy Smart Asia, hosted by Tamara Lamunière. The show features Asia’s biggest disruptors, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and the unexpected stories behind the movements they built.

29 Jun