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Don't know what to eat? Don't know what to watch? Don't know which toothpaste to choose? Davina McCall and Michael Douglas make the tough decisions easy for you. This podcast is like the TripAdvisor for your life. From iconic movies to the best mascara, let Davina and Michael guide you through what's hot and what's not. And when they need help making the cut, they call in on some of their friends to join them. We are not paid or associated with anything that we review, these are only our opinions

50 Episodes

SERIES 3: Episode 8 - Adam Curtis, Vincent and Barn, Palmer, Gone Girl, J-Jays

Hi all! This week we're talking about a documentary series, a great furniture store, a couple of movies and a food delivery service. Oh, and Michael gets tits. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

26 Feb


SERIES 3: Episode 7 - Pillow Shelf, 4KWEEKS, Se7en, Staple Gun, Cheese, GarageBand

After a week of being down in the dumps, we are uplifted and reenergised. This time we're starting out by bringing our tall friends a life hack. Plus we're talking about an unusual calendar, a movie, a tool, a cheese and a way to make your own music. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

19 Feb


SERIES 3: Episode 6 - The Fundamentals of Caring, Ghost Stories, The Dig, Robot Vacuum, The Serpent, Sourdough

This week we're talking lots of things you could enjoy in lockdown: a Paul Rudd movie, a film that's polarised the UK, a Coldplay album and a TV show about a serial killer. Plus Davina will let you know how her robot vacuum cleaner Eileen is going - which will come in handy to clean up the crumbs from Michael's favourite sourdough. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

12 Feb


SERIES 3: Episode 5 - VR Headset, Radio HP, Tom Holland, Raffall, Vacuums, Pls Like, It's A Sin

In this edition of Making the Cut we're playing table tennis in virtual reality, watching Tom Holland lip sync, buying tickets for some incredible raffles and talking two fantastic TV shows. Plus we even judge a painting competition. We hope you enjoy this week's episode and find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

05 Feb


SERIES 3: Episode 4 - 21 Bridges, Jules Swain, Meg & Bee, Poem, Jonathan Adler, DJ Deck, The Bureau

This is Making the Cut, hosted by Davina McCall and Michael Douglas! We've just worked on a project together, so we're lucky enough to be in the same room for this episode. And we're also very lucky to have a sponsor for this ep! Meg & Bee is one of Davina's favourite handbag companies - check them out at and use the offer code MAKINGTHECUT15 for 15% off! We're also chatting about Chadwick Boseman in 21 Bridges, Jules Swain's twitter account, Jonathan Adler's interiors, a DJ deck, and the TV series The Bureau. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

29 Jan


SERIES 3: Episode 3 - Night Stalker, Spotlights, Wifi Booster, Lady Bird, Little Women, The Equalizer, Strip Lights

For this episode under lockdown we're recommending things you can enjoy from your home. That includes some cracking movies and TV shows and home improvement items. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

22 Jan


SERIES 3: Episode 2 - Masala Dabba, Books, Back, The Glasshouse Botanics, Oculus Quest 2

Was one of your New Year's resolutions to read more? Or cook at home? Well we have a range of books to recommend and a handy cooking tool. Plus we talk a great TV gem, a plant service and an incredible virtual reality experience. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

15 Jan

1hr 8m

SERIES 3: Episode 1 - Pancakes, Great Thinkers, Cards Against Disney, Classic Car Magazine, Digital Portraits

We're back! Welcome to series three of Making the Cut where we (Davina McCall and Michael Douglas) recommend all kinds of things that have improved our lives. To kick off 2021 we're talking breakfast treats, an illuminating book, a family game, a magazine subscription and a creative way to pay tribute to friends and family. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

08 Jan


SERIES 2: Episode 15 - Michael Heppell, Solovair, Fake Tan, Tile, Ballie Ballerson, All On the Board, The Trial of the Chicago 7

Like a veritable Christmas stocking, this episode is a delightful spread of all kinds of recommendations. For your mental health we talk about Michael Heppell, Positive Trolling and Henry Fraser. Plus Michael waxes lyrical about all the great early Christmas gifts he's received from Davina. Then we talk about an incredible movie, a fun activity for 2021 and a beauty must-have. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

18 Dec


SERIES 2: Episode 14 - Breaking Bad, Triyit, Swyft Sofas, Studio McGee, Bug Bakes & The Crown

Ho ho ho! It's getting increasingly close to Christmas. Today, we've got ideas for TV entertainment during the holidays, a sofa to kick back on while you watch and a subscription service that will provide the snacks. Plus, of course, we chat about a whole lot more. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

11 Dec


SERIES 2: Episode 13 - Gift Bags, Advent Calendar, Christmas Decorations, History Hit, Tim Minchin, Jumpers, Beanies & More

Today's episode is about all sorts of things - gifts, decorations, entertainment and books. And we're also recommending an eco-friendly way to wrap all our amazing gift ideas. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

04 Dec


SERIES 2: Episode 12 - Christmas Special Pt 2!

This week we're recommending more ideas for Christmas gifts and celebrations. We talk about jumpers, disco lights, cheese, knitting and, of course, a whole lot more. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

27 Nov


SERIES 2: Episode 11 - Christmas Special Pt 1!

In this edition of Making the Cut we're getting festive! We've been doing our podcast for a year and so we've gone back through our archives to find the best presents for your friends and family. We're suggesting things for every age and at a range of prices. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

20 Nov


SERIES 2: Episode 10 - Amazing Disgrace, Minding the Gap, Reface, Long Hot Summers

In this lockdown special we're recommending you all sorts of things to keep you sane during this difficult period. That includes an amazingly empowering book, two documentaries and an entertaining app that's sure to give you some giggles. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

13 Nov


SERIES 2: Episode 9 - Intelligence, Billions, Sarah Cooper & Tim Minchin

Hello! We're back with another edition of Making the Cut on this very momentous week. This was recorded just before the 2020 US presidential election and the UK heads into a second lockdown. So to keep you occupied during this difficult period we're talking about some amazing TV shows, music and take recommendations from our listeners. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

06 Nov


SERIES 2: Episode 8 - Marc Rebillet, Apple Watch, Prisoners, The Prestige, Ella Bull, Jumpers, Minimus, Lyre's, Casey Frey

This time on Making the Cut we recommend all types of things for you to listen to, watch, taste, wear and lean about. That includes a rebel musician, smart watches, jumpers, jewellery, Hugh Jackman movies, non-alcoholic drinks and a comedian! Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

30 Oct

1hr 4m

SERIES 2: Episode 7 - The Kid Stays in the Picture, FundJumpers, Reel Stories, ODDBOX, Because of You

Are you ready for another instalment of Making the Cut? We're chatting about a documentary called The Kid Stays in the Picture that's informed Michael's personal philosophy. Then Davina shows off a new jumper and we discuss a grocery delivery service, a book and a TV series. But before all that, we talk about how we're feeling during the pandemic. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations.

23 Oct

1hr 5m

SERIES 2: Episode 6 - Man Up, Rocks, Stokes Garlic Mayonnaise, Ukuleles, Electric Scooters

In this week's edition of Making the Cut we kick off with two movie recommendations. One's a romcom on the iPlayer called Man Up and the other is a thought-provoking drama set in London called Rocks. Then the 'King of Condiments', Michael, gives his opinion on Stokes Garlic Mayonnaise. Plus we talk about the joys of ukuleles and Michael's new electric scooter. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations and enter this week's competition!

16 Oct


SERIES 2: Episode 5 - Air Fryer, American Murder, Capturing the Friedmans, Salad Chopper, Stewart Lee

We're back with another round of Making the Cut! We're literally cutting today with a listener-recommended salad chopper. Plus we're pairing the greens with air-fried chicken wings and chips. In addition to all this we talk TV shows, movies and more. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations!

09 Oct


SERIES 2: Episode 4 - The Trip to Greece, Des, Weighted Vests, Joan MacDonald, Skipping, My Octopus Teacher

Welcome back to Making the Cut! Firstly we start off with a quick correction regarding Chillow. We felt we had to reflect the feedback from some of our listeners and remove our previous mentions of the product in the podcast. We've contacted Chillow for a response, but haven't heard back from them. Then we chat about all sorts of things including documentaries, TV shows, workout equipment and Davina's new source of fitness inspiration! Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations!

02 Oct


SERIES 2: Episode 3 - Fever Tree, Chipper, Exit Here, Social Dilemma, Stewart Lee, KoronaGadget

What's made the cut this week?! Michael and Davina discuss a range of topics including Fever Tree tonic, the best kinds of gin, a charity-shop treasure, a new documentary and a handy gadget for the pandemic. Find us @makingthecutpodcast on Instagram where you can send us your recommendations!

25 Sep


SERIES 2: Episode 1 - Mini Apples, Ted Lasso, Rains, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, IGTV & Leather Jackets

Davina and Michael are back for series 2 and the first episode is a bumper! From mini apples and trendy rain wear to the film we all need to watch right now. Listen in to hear about all the things that have made the cut this week.

24 Sep


SERIES 2: Episode 2 - Ketchup, Ken and Insta Art

This week we're talking Ketchup, another Ken Burns classic and some activist art.

18 Sep


EPISODE 27: Betsy's Positive Videos, Condiment Bottles, Live Aid, Bower Collective

Everyone needs some positivity at the moment - so this week we're introducing you to possibly the most positive little girl in Britain. Her name is Betsy and she has an unbelievably cute YouTube channel. Then we move on to the squeezy condiment bottles of Michael's dreams. Beyond that we talk Live Aid and the sustainability brand Bower Collective. Finally we wrap up with the greatest hits of our recommendations so far. We're taking a break for a while, but we will be back soon! Miss you already!

17 Jul


EPISODE 26: Midnight Gospel, Bulletproof Coffee, Happiness, Mooncups, Lil Dicky

We're back again! This time we're talking the podcast-turned-animation Midnight Gospel. Then, what exactly is bulletproof coffee? We investigate. Then we chat about a great TED talk on happiness, the benefits of using a Mooncup and the rapper Lil Dicky.

10 Jul


EPISODE 25: Sex Education, Tim Minchin, Disco Lights and The end of the world

This week, we're talking about sex education around the world and how to talk to your kids about sex. Then we're loving the new Tim Minchin track, getting our disco lights on, and a new favourite TV series.

03 Jul


EPISODE 24: Peanuts, Perel Podcasts, Winterbottom and Words

This week we're munching on KP Honey Roasted Peanuts and listening to Esther Perel. Then we learn about mental health, stan Steve Coogan and Michael Winterbottom, and get play with friends - not strangers!

26 Jun


EPISODE 23: Zyliss, Reece Parkinson, Sonos, Anne Youngson and discovering avocados

This week, we're geeking out on cookware, discovering new talk radio, listening to some fantastic speakers and experimenting with breakfast!

19 Jun

1hr 6m

Ep 22: Son of Rambow, Blinkist, Meg & Bee Handbags & Shoutouts!

On today's episode Michael recommends the Son of Rainbow and explains why Spike Milligan influenced his review! Davina then talks about the book digest app Blinkist and the beautiful handbags from Meg & Bee. Plus we read through some of your amazing messages and recommendations! If you'd like to donate to the Radio Academy do so via this link -

12 Jun

1hr 4m

EPISODE 21: Britney, Stuff You Should Know, American Beauty

This week, we're talking about a Britney Spears documentary, podcast recommendations, revise a past favourite and enjoy the novelty of a manual food processor!

05 Jun


EPISODE 20: Rhino Coffee, New Yorker Jigsaw, T-Shirt Printing, Alvalle Gazpacho & Britney

I(Michael) start off this episode by trying out my new favourite coffee gadget, then we're onto the New Yorker puzzles and t-shirt printing, both great ways to entertain yourself in lockdown. Davina tries to convince me change my mind about Gazpacho (aka cold soup!), i revisit my review of the Last Dance and one of our listeners asks us to take a look at a new Britney Spears documentary. Remember to make sure you're listening on the Entale app to get access to all the links to products and behind the scenes pictures. And if you'd like to donate to the Radio Academy's emergency fund you can do so via this link -

29 May

1hr 3m

EPISODE 19: The Last Dance, Tik Tok, Bono on Bono

This week we talk about some new TV we've been watching - New Amsterdam and the Last Dance. I (Davina) tell Michael about my Tik Tok obsession. Plus we chat about Bono on Bono, the Family Game, Sensate and much more. For the best experience make sure you listen on the Entale app!

22 May

1hr 9m

EPISODE 18: Coldplay doc, The School of Life, Modern Love

This week, Michael's enjoyed a documentary on Coldplay, Davina's explored The School of Life and we round up with some Modern Love, thoughts on collagen and facts from The London Encyclopedia. Entale is matching donations to The Radio Academy, who are helping those in the industry affected by Coronavirus. Please follow this link to donate:

15 May

1hr 11m

EPISODE 17: The Deer Hunter, Remote events, Louis Theroux, Pancakes in a bottle

This week, Michael has been watching the evergreen classic The Deer Hunter. Davina attended virtual theatre, and then became obsessed with the new Louis Theroux podcast.

08 May

1hr 8m

EPISODE 16: Tony Blair, AdultSwim Choir, Joe Tracini, Procreate, AlphaBrain and The Washington Post!

This week, I (Michael) have been watching a slightly dodgy documentary about Tony Blair. Davina's found a weird and wonderful online choir, as well as a fantastic chap to follow on Twitter. Then we discuss the benefits of nootropics, and my recommendation is a subscription to The Washington Post.

01 May


Episode 15: Podcast Do-Overs, Elvie Pelvic Floor, Submarine, Naughts & Crosses , Audible & Music Recommendations

This week we had a nightmare episode so decided to start again, this is take 2. Davina reviews the Elvie Pelvic Floor trainer and TV show Naughts & Crosses. Michael reviews the film Submarine and the soundtrack plus he shares a bunch of other great music recommendations.

24 Apr

1hr 3m

Episode 14: Peanut Butter Falcon, Teasmade, Vietnam War & Reese's Nutrageous

I (Davina) have now finished the Morning show and so we go back to it for a final review. Michael then talks about the Vietnam War on Netflix which he gives an astounding 9/10!!! We discuss the heartwarming movie Peanut Butter Falcon, I review a teasmade and the latest Reese's choccy bar.

17 Apr


Episode 13: Greggs, Headspace, Blueprint, Matrix, Tumeric shots & The Morning Show

Our first podcast recorded apart! Up today...I (Michael) wax lyrical about the Greggs frozen goods i'm enjoying in lockdown and a brilliant book about nature and nurture called Blueprint. Davina talks about the benefits of headspace the meditation app and turmeric shots and we both discuss The Morning Show and The Matrix.

10 Apr

1hr 13m

EPISODE 12: Amanda Harrington Tan, The Sunscreen Song, Knives Out, Vimto and the Daily Stoic

Here's hoping that today's episode keeps you occupied while you're at home. I (Davina) review the Amanda Harrington fake tan which Michael has promised me he'll try. Then we chat about the movie Knives Out and the radio documentary Sunscreen Song. We also chat about a meditation book called the Daily Stoic and try out some Vimto!

03 Apr


EPISODE 11: Molecule 1 perfume, This Time with Alan Partridge, The Perfect Poached Egg, Trainspotting, Shuvit Cancer & Revamp hairstyler

This is the first episode we have recorded on our own albeit before the full lockdown was implemented! To set the scene...we're at Davina's house with her dog Beau and the beloved Aga! We've got lots of entertainment recommendations for you to keep you amused including This Time with Alan Partridge and Trainspotting the movie. Davina reviews her favourite perfume Molecule 1 and I (Michael) review a new hairstyler from Revamp. We chat about our new favourite instagram account @shuvitcancer and show you how to make the perfect poached egg. Send us in your perfect eggs to

27 Mar

1hr 4m

EPISODE 10: Live Roast Potato Eating Test, Weighted Gloves, Weighted Blankets, De Cecco Pasta, Elvie Breast Pump & Kirakira

**PLEASE NOTE THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED A FEW WEEKS AGO WHICH IS WHY WE MAKE NO REFERENCE TO CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES** Episode 10 is here! Today, Michael is cooking me a variety of different roast potatoes to taste test - live cooking, what could go wrong?! We also review weighted gloves and weighted blankets, the Elvie breast pump, the sparkly Kira Kira app and I talk you through how I revived my old leather, sun damaged sofas so they look good as new! Enjoy x

20 Mar


EPISODE 9: Croissants, The World's Most Expensive Pencil, The Gentleman, Prince Playlist, Prancercising, Dry texturising spray & Rio & Kate: Becoming a step parent

Another week, another episode and we have ALOT to review today. We start off with the world's best croissants with audible crispy, buttery sound effects - yum. Then I (Davina) review the world's most expensive pencil, it's good but is it worth the price tag? We both went to see the movie the Gentlemen, is it worth the hype? Then Michael shares with me a new Prince playlist that he's bopping round his house to. I then show him another type of bopping - prancercising. Michael gives a much requested hair recommendation & we briefly touch upon the moving documentary Rio & Kate: Becoming A Step Family.

13 Mar


EPISODE 8: David Copperfield, Parasite, Grey's Anatomy, Bamboo Makeup Pads & A NEW PRET SALAD!

We have a bumper film/TV edition for you today reviewing The Personal History of David Copperfield, Parasite & Grey's Anatomy. I (Davina) then review bamboo makeup remover pads! And finally Michael reviews his new favourite Pret salad and gives me an education on how to cook a chicken without a soggy bottom...all whilst our lunch is cooking in the oven!

06 Mar


EPISODE 7: All things gut health with Dr Megan Rossi

We had such great feedback on our episode with the Singing Dentist, we thought we'd invite another guest to our show. Today we're talking and reviewing all things gut health with the amazing Dr Megan Rossi. She talks us through the magic and the myths surrounding speciality foods including kefir, probiotics & fibre. We (Davina & Michael) also took a food intolerance test beforehand and the results are revealed on this episode!

28 Feb

1hr 12m

EPISODE 6: Man's Search for Meaning, Deep Fat Frying, Don't F*ck with Cats, Christine Keeler & Twin Peaks

Today we are discussing Michael’s recent guilty-pleasure purchase: a deep fat fryer! We also talk about an incredibly powerful and moving book, Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning. And if you're in need of a new TV series to binge or a movie recommendation, we've got you covered this episode. To let us know whether you agree with our reviews or to send us something we should review on our next episode, you can find us on Instagram at @makingthecutpodcast or

21 Feb

1hr 1m

EPISODE 5: KFC, Tell Me Who I Am, SAD Lamp

Winner winner chicken dinner! Today we’re off to take my (Davina’s) KFC virginity. Having never tasted a fully-loaded box or the 11 herbs and spices, Michael gives me a crash course in all things Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then we change gears to discuss an extremely moving documentary called Tell Me Who I Am. And, are you feeling a bit down at this time of year? We try out an alarm clock lamp that has changed my life. To let us know whether you agree with our reviews or to send us something we should review on our next episode, you can find us on Instagram at @makingthecutpodcast or

14 Feb


EPISODE 4: All things teeth with the Singing Dentist!

We have our first ever guest!! As you may know Michael and I are obsessed with teeth after our really positive experience with Invisalign! So who better to help us review all things teeth related than the Singing Dentist aka Dr. Milad Shadrooh?! If you haven't heard of the Singing Dentist you are in for a treat - he is a practicing dentist and a youtube musical sensation making toothy parodies of some chart-hitting tunes. We review Invisalign, toothbrushes, oral irrigators and teeth bleaching. It's messy and there's a lot of singing! Enjoy x

07 Feb

1hr 12m

EPISODE 3: Hobbs, Pure Gym, Qardio Arm, Come From Away & K-Pop!

Today I ( Davina ) sneak TWO things into review - the film Hobbs & Shaw and an amazing bit of wearable tech from Qardio Arm that allows you to wirelessly measure your blood pressure. Michael reviews a new gym that he's just signed up to called Pure Gym and then we both discuss our thoughts on the musical called Come From Away. Then one of our wonderful listeners Claire, messaged us to tell us that we must listen to some k-pop! So we end the episode by reviewing BTS Boy With Luv ft. Halsey! Let us know whether you agree/disagree with what we review or send us something we should review on our next episode. You can find us at @makingthecutpodcast or

31 Jan


EPISODE 2: The Good Gym, The Irishman, Tim Minchin & Bamboo Socks

We're back for episode 2! Today I ( Davina ) review the charity the Good Gym that combines running with good deeds . Michael then reviews the the film the Irishman and then we both share our opinions on Tim Minchin and his recent live show that we went to see together. Annnnnnd I get Michael to try on bamboo socks ... so he can find out what the big deal about bamboo clothing is.

24 Jan


EPISODE 1: Tubing Mascara; Flowers; Paula, Michael & Bob and Vegan Jerky!

Welcome to our FIRST podcast episode. Today I ( Davina ) review tubing mascara .. but have to put it on Michael to show him what’s so genius about it. Michael is moved to tears when he reviews one of his favourite TV programmes, Flowers. We have vastly differing opinions on a book published about the love triangle that was Paula Yates, Michael Hutchence & Bob Geldof and then we test out some vegan jerky!" Send us stuff to review. But be careful. We are honest .

24 Jan